October 16, 2018

The 10 popular blouse designs for saree are very popular nowadays. You must also try these designer blouses. How well the blouse’s neck line is, how long the sleeve is, or the pattern of the blouse, should be all this information. According to your body how can you choose the perfect blouse? Come, let us tell you.

1 – One shoulder Blouse Design


One shoulder Saree Blouse Design

If you are slim-trim and want to try something new, try the one shoulder blouse. This style will look great on you and you will look different and special by wearing a one shoulder blouse.

2 – High Neck Blouse Designs 


If you want a stylish look, try the designer high neck blouse. This high neck blouse also gives a designer look to simple saree. Yes, if your neck is too thick or if your height is very low, then do not wear designer high neck blouse.

3 – Jacket Blouse Design 


Nowadays, youngsters are doing many experiments in the blouse. Jacket style blouse is also the first choice of youngsters. If you also want to wear saree in a glamorous fashion, try the jacket style blouse.

4 – Corset Blouse Design 


Wearing saree with a normal blouse will give you a simple look. Wear a corset blouse with saree for trendy look. The Corset blouse gives designer look to saree. Also, you can wear the crescent blouse with jeans or skirts. Like the Corset Blouse, you can wear a top crop with sarees. These blouses will make your saree even more stylish.

5 – Nehru Collar Blouse Design 


The Nehru collar blouse is very popular in the neck pattern of the blouse and it looks very beautiful. If you are long and thin, you will love the Nehru collar blouse. Thin and long women must have Nehru collar blouses in their collection.

6 –  Cold Shoulder Blouse Design


Cold shoulder blouses have become very popular nowadays. The cold shoulder blouse looks very stylish and elegant. If you also want to try something new, try a cold shoulder blouse, that is, shoulder cut blouse.

7 – Collar Neck Blouse Design 


The specialty of the collar neck blouse is that it can also give you a corporate look and a festive look. The collar neck blouse looks very classy and elegantly, so please include the collar neck blouses in your blouse collection.

8 – Sleevless Blouse Design


If you are slim then the Sleeveless Blouse is the best option for you. To give a modern look to any simple saree, wearing sleeveless blouse is a smart and simple option. You must also try the sleeveless blouses for a trendy look.

9 – Choli Cut Blouse Design 


For each saree, different blouses should be tailored, it is not necessary. If you have a beautiful choli, which is a match with any of your sarees, then instead of storing the blouse separately, you should wear a saree with a choli. If you want, you can also make choli cut blouse for your heavy sari.

10 – Designer Neck Blouse Design 


If the neck design of the blouse is beautiful, then the beauty of the saree also fades, so, while focusing on the blouse, pay special attention to its neck design. Nowadays, ready made designer blouses are also available in the market. If you are having difficulty in choosing a designer neck blouse, you can also buy ready made designer blouses.

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